Miguel Blázquez Ruíz


Jacinto Moncada Ruíz


Jacinto Moncada Ochoa





We are a family company established in 1913 by Miguel Blázquez Ruiz and Jacinto Moncada Calderon, uncle and grandfather of our current President Jacinto Moncada Ochoa, who has led the company as sole owner for many years since the death of his predecessors, the Widow of Blázquez and his father Jacinto Moncada Ruiz who passed away in 1969 and 1954 respectively. In 1981 the company went from being a limited liability company to a public limited company, maintaining our brand name.

Directed by the Moncada family since 1939, the company initially provided customs and coastal maritime shipping services along the Mediterranean sea, achieving a strong dimension among international lines especially involved in the traffic of fresh fruits and canned products from Murcia, an activity which continues nowadays.

We have been and continue as agents of the main Regular Lines to the Continent and North Africa, offering services without any interruption since more than 50 years representing some german companies, for what we are deservedly pioneers in Regular Services in the port of Cartagena.